Terms And Conditions

ALL OF OUR PIECES HAVE A LIFETIME GUARANTEE AGAINST BREAKAGE.  If your chime or piece of jewelry comes apart, just box it up, ship it to us, we will fix it and send it back to you.  All you pay is the postage to send it to us!

We take great care when we are altering the pieces that you give us, but sometimes unfortunate things happen when we try to twist the silverware.  We take great care in prepping the pieces, but we can't tell what kind of metal is under the silver plate.  Sometimes it is very brittle and a fork tine will snap off.  If this happens, we try to alter the design to hide the error.

When ordering a custom piece, please make sure that we have ALL of the specifics so that we can avoid any confusion.  If you are giving us the pieces to make the order, you relinquish all rights to ever use that piece again. We will be drilling holes, twisting, bending, and sometimes soldering so the piece will not be usable for its original intended purpose.