Angel Bell - Starlight


Our "Angel Bells" are created from the "pretty" end of a hollow handle dinner knife.  We then wire up a fork tine, add a crystal and hang it from a 30" ball chain.  This particular pattern is called "Starlight".

Everyone has someone in their life who could use a thought or prayer each day.  There is NOTHING magical about our Angel Bell.  We like to say that you can think about anyone you like when you hear the bell and send out a little hug or prayer for that person. It can be a loved one who needs help or someone who has passed on that you want to remember.  You can change the person on a daily basis, or even think of several people in the same day.

Whenever you hear the bell, it is all up to you.

Email us for current availability.

Our silver plated jewelry is made from vintage pieces gathered from our auctions and flea markets.  If you have your own pieces of silver plate or sterling that you would like an item made from, please check under "Special Orders" for more information.

These pendants all have a vintage silver plate component to them.  They may also have antique buttons, found objects or handmade beads.  The Angel Bells come on a 30" ball chain.  The other pendants come on a 20" chain.

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